I’m an Utrecht based artist with a background in Sociology. Because of my politically complicated slavic background and upbringing in the Netherlands I’ve ordinarily found myself confused and balkanised in a foreign world, often found staring into the distance. This experience has been the source of my natural intrest in society, human behaviour and it’s philosophies by which I aim to express it’s underlying social structures trough photographic means. My work indefinitely expresses the mystic behind a banal everyday reality trough the eye of the lonely observer who is separated, yet part of the whole. I therefore do not intentionally compose my photographs, as i think our reality encompasses an already overcomplex composition. When it calls me, i merely press the shutter.


  • 2016 – Utrecht University – sociology masters degree attained.
  • 2019 – Mobile Photography Awards – honourable mention @ 9th iteration.
  • 2020 – VOX-POP Amsterdam – “THE LOCKDOWN” as part of the www.roaring2020s.nl online group exhibition.
  • 2020 – Kiekie Art Amsterdam – “THE LOCKDOWN” as part of young artist selection of print sales.

My latest work ”THE LOCKDOWN” is a diversion on Guy Debord’s society of a spectacle. According to this philosophy we do not perceive this world directly anymore but merely a representation of the former. I link this concept to events regarding the novel coronavirus, claiming this has been just a manifestation of our actions of our societies as a whole. By photographic means i express my opinionated view of our current state of living, adding provoking statements to let the viewer reflect on this matter. Visually and textually i state that if we want to change as a species, awareness of the society of the spectacle is in a way it’s direct critisism.